Public financial disclosure of JuiceboxDAO

Juicebox is a community-based infrastructure for funding projects openly on Ethereum. Juicebox campaigns work similiar to crowfunding campaigns but projects that need ongoing funds can choose to raise more than once,in different funding cycles. Creating a Juicebox project mints you an NFT (ERC-721) representing ownership over it. Minting, claiming, withdrawala and other parameters can be set by the owner. Campaign ontributors earn the projec's tokens (ERC-20s). The amount of tokens minted and distributed is proportional to the volume of payments received, weighted by the project's discount rate over time. The JuiceboxDAO is governed by the community of JBX token holders. Interestingly, the front-end of Juicebox protocol is maitained by Peel - a DAO of front-end developers funded through Juicebox.

Twitter: @juiceboxETH



Biggest Outflow in the past year

Hash: 0xb1ec9f421bb79b118addec80072c81fbf04597526f795213a9937cff6f44be17
Type: sent
Address: 0x30670d81e487c80b9edc54370e6eaf943b6eab39,0xaf28bcb48c40dbc86f52d459a6562f658fc94b1e,0xc2bc2f890067c511215f9463a064221577a53e10
Action: {"method"=>"execTransaction", "human_readable"=>"execTransaction"}
movement: wallet: treasury (0xaf28bcb48c40dbc86f52d459a6562f658fc94b1e) contact: C2BC2F (0xc2bc2f890067c511215f9463a064221577a53e10)

Biggest Inflow in the past year

Hash: 0x0316e1cf3e8f1fe80d06254ba2a0ca0cacfc57de1ab08ac478707b6c5ba9b7c3
Type: received
Address: 0xd9d37f4cb8f068afb8fb9aaab19d1c4e12495b89,0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48,0xaf28bcb48c40dbc86f52d459a6562f658fc94b1e
Action: {"human_readable"=>"Contract Interaction"}
movement: 0xd9d37f4cb8f068afb8fb9aaab19d1c4e12495b89 wallet: treasury (0xaf28bcb48c40dbc86f52d459a6562f658fc94b1e)

Top recipient addresses

The following are the top recipients in JuiceboxDAO, who are these recipients, and what are these fees for? The total amount is calculated by historical prices.


token 0x3abf2a4f8452ccc2cf7b4c1e4663147600646f66
treasury 0xaf28bcb48c40dbc86f52d459a6562f658fc94b1e


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