Public financial disclosure of Demo DAO

This is a demo for DAOs to have a better understanding of what Safe Treasury can offer them in financial management. All options, displays, transaction tags, and other settings can be customized to cater to the specific needs of different DAOs. Safe Treasury offers a clear-cut, clean display of DAO assets as well as money flow graphs that can be conveniently shared with all members and investors. We aim to promote a transparent and safe financial management tool for all Web3 organizations.

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Announce any updates or information regarding the financial report here.


Biggest Outflow this month

Hash: 0x9245dfb726caed9d236d6f6a3ce58a52edb75053258af78cef79125072261b67
Type: sent
Address: 0x759de6b9806a5f695b8fe92f58a6771fb5db52c6,0x88dcdc47d2f83a99cf0000fdf667a468bb958a78
Action: {"method"=>"send", "human_readable"=>"send"}
movement: wallet: CONTRACT WALLET (0x759de6b9806a5f695b8fe92f58a6771fb5db52c6) contact: 88DCDC (0x88dcdc47d2f83a99cf0000fdf667a468bb958a78)

Biggest Inflow this month

Hash: 0x87d44cae87f7c5bd52f853cd0a19badfc0568f1f318e0cfc5097b938bbcf48af
Type: received
Address: 0x039dcf23939b93c01cac4a73454687d16f6e4825,0xd0deb392d834c3733a9a18d9066642f8b12567e1,0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000,0x759de6b9806a5f695b8fe92f58a6771fb5db52c6
Action: {"method"=>"safeMint", "human_readable"=>"safeMint"}
movement: null_address: 000000 (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000) wallet: CONTRACT WALLET (0x759de6b9806a5f695b8fe92f58a6771fb5db52c6)

Top recipient addresses

The following are the top recipients in Demo DAO, who are these recipients, and what are these fees for? The total amount is calculated by historical prices.


0A280E 0x0a280e97d4fa5fb7b45e2adfdff1bb5d2e81a119
E9AC06 0xe9ac06bb6320d2939aaccbf813f9592e6384eb19
8B1262 0x8b1262892a7be3b7b62b7831cef97fcaa4213c00
MARKETING WALLET 0x1e725a779072b1c64a1bf73199b6eada4dc95f20
OPERATION WALLET 0x173831e62264568d735884835d7b1c234a5333a3
ETH SALE REVENUE 0x6278a00796fa64940c6c4201ada92d8400eba3e6
CONTRACT WALLET 0x759de6b9806a5f695b8fe92f58a6771fb5db52c6


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