Public financial disclosure of BullsOnTheBlock

BullsOnTheBlock (BOTB) is a digital generative art project and ecosystem that currently introduces three main series of Bulls and Bears NFTs. In early 2022 it has emerged form a major internal crisis, which it imminently incorporated into its art as a rise-from-the-ashes story with exclusive comics and generative "Evolved Bulls" NFTs. BOTB's Community Vault assets may be voted on (off-chain) by holders of its EVOBOTB (erc-721 NFT) token, with a 50 BOTBs threshold to file a proposal. Its Team multisig serves for ongoing project expenses. The ecosystem includes also a legal, Delaware LLC organization component that's officially related to the DAO and currently serves as the custodian holder of over 6,200 BOTB NFTs, to be released for claiming in October 2022.

Twitter: @BullsOnTheBlock



Biggest Outflow in the past year

Hash: 0x1cb2070fdf736ae59bc91f7814b1bcf01b738476b54b7cfbc3ffddada97ccd07
Type: sent
Address: 0xa72fb674fa232bae4d5235e25961afd12762aa3b,0x526ed9d7bd5641ba7638fa0eebe8d22b8cb32304,0x8fd31f29c691a85f2b65759d81d0ece9df1582d7
Action: {"method"=>"execTransaction", "human_readable"=>"execTransaction"}
movement: wallet: treasury 02 (0x526ed9d7bd5641ba7638fa0eebe8d22b8cb32304) 0x8fd31f29c691a85f2b65759d81d0ece9df1582d7

Biggest Inflow in the past year

Hash: 0x9da50bcef91d665d802dfaa0ad93dde8b1e7faaa024334ee0e66a014b3f827f7
Type: received
Address: 0x33678e563e130ed39cfd7c122dda3c7c8a3a1465,0x00000000006c3852cbef3e08e8df289169ede581,0x526ed9d7bd5641ba7638fa0eebe8d22b8cb32304
Action: {"human_readable"=>"Contract Interaction"}
movement: 0x00000000006c3852cbef3e08e8df289169ede581 wallet: treasury 02 (0x526ed9d7bd5641ba7638fa0eebe8d22b8cb32304)

Top recipient addresses

The following are the top recipients in BullsOnTheBlock, who are these recipients, and what are these fees for? The total amount is calculated by historical prices.


treasury 02 0x526ed9d7bd5641ba7638fa0eebe8d22b8cb32304
treasury 0x7e3d3f0162bdec5c86202a6a59d187fd2aff226f
token 0x6069a6c32cf691f5982febae4faf8a6f3ab2f0f6


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